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Gain immediate answers on all of your questions around fintech, people, and processes to empower your day-to-day with the Nifty team.

  • Ideal for the DIY advisor or firm executive who needs greater confidence in their practice management decisions
  • Ideal for an unexperienced industry professional who needs applied industry guidance and training
  • Receive a response within 24 business hours
  • Receive up to five responses every 30 days, bulk your questions as needed
  • Response will be given via Loom with video (as needed), audio, and an automated transcription
  • Billed via retainer, $500 per month


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Frequent Advisor Questions


  • “How do other advisors streamline their meeting follow up process?”
  • “How do I ensure my team member is happy and engaged?”
  • “How do you send an envelop using Schwab’s digital workflows?”
  • “Do you recommend Wealthbox or Redtail, and why?”
  • “My employee keeps dropping the ball. How can we edit our workflows that helps us work better together?”
  • “What structure do you recommend for a successful email campaign?”
  • “I’m experiencing a bug. What solution do you recommend?”